Ready or not

Video is the key to the future of social

Remember when there were designated photographers who lugged around heavy lenses and the rest of us had to use point and clicks from the drugstore? Or how you’d need to hire a full scale production studio to create a branded video that would run on TV time slots alongside the show that best approximated a brand’s target market?

Then cell phones came around and made everyone photographers and high-quality video equipment became smaller, sleeker, and totally digitized. Even those very same cell phones have some impressive video chops these days... The ability to create quality content has been democratized.

Just as the technology to create has become more widely available, so too has the means of distribution. Social platforms are now allowing brands and individuals to broadcast their own content. But with the capability comes the expectation, so now is the time for brands to get on board. This guide is designed to help you direct your efforts where they can find the most effective return.

Here are all the reasons that you should steer your team towards video as the centerpiece of this year’s social strategy. Plus the stats you’ll need to convince them.

So, go on. Lead fearlessly you bold marketer!

Make video the star of your social strategy

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